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Published on: Wednesday, February 22, 2012

How HR Shared Service Units are Crushing Organizational Capability

Posted By: Joseph Daniel McCool
Filed Under: joseph daniel mccool, cfo, hr, business practices, quality, competitiveness
Large, global corporations have been doing major harm to their organizations over the past four years, and most don't yet know it.

The unbridled pursuit of cost-cutting opportunities has led many companies to create so-called shared service organizations or shared service centers, through which functions such as human resources and IT are centralized and from which their resources as internal service providers are carefully rationed to the rest of the enterprise.


Published on: Thursday, February 16, 2012

Is Green Good or Bad for Business@f66

It all depends on how your company operationally defines "green" and the ensuing strategies. Where it makes the most sense for business and careers is to tie "green" to "efficiency," and these ExecuNet members in the Operations Roundtable shared their experiences when asked whether going green helped or hurt their businesses.


Published on: Monday, February 13, 2012

Follow the Leader: Patrick Lencioni

Business author, consultant, and speaker Patrick Lencioni has seen a lot of organizational dysfunction at play over the years. So it may come as no surprise that Lencioni advocates for disrupting corporate bureaucracy by determining what's essential to achieve and then building structure around those business objectives.

Lencioni says organizational politics often emanate from the senior leadership team, or may otherwise be condoned by that team because no one is willing to confront it. "Are we creating the kind of organizations where politics doesn't work?" Lencioni asks as something of a litmus test on bureaucracy and the politics that inevitably populate.


What World Renowned Business Leaders Have to Say

Many of the world's top business leaders, from a variety of industries, gathered in New York City to share their views on business and the challenges today's leaders will face in the coming years. Attendees learned how visionaries from a wide range of management disciplines define the process and commitments required to realize the potential for raising organizational performance in a time of lingering economic uncertainty and a changing global economy. These are can't miss insights for any business executive!

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