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Published on: Monday, April 09, 2012

Is Your Winner a Whiner?

Posted By: Robyn Greenspan
Filed Under: robyn greenspan, leadership, morale, pessimists, team unity
Executive and corporate recruiters have said that skills and experience are the 50 percent that gets you in the door for an interview. Cultural fit, attitude and personality are the other half of the equation and will get you the offer.

Both are equally important, and the members of ExecuNet's Operations Roundtable grappled with the dilemma of how to manage a high-performing employee with a pessimistic attitude, leading a vice president of a food and beverage company to remark that proper handling of this type of person is one of the true tests of an individual's management skills.


Published on: Thursday, April 05, 2012

While You Were Out…

Your subject matter expertise is your differentiator; it exemplifies your individual intellectual capital and highlights your core competencies. But it has to be effectively promoted outside your immediate circle to a bigger network of influence if you want to get "known for what you know."

In a recent ExecuNet webinar, Peter Winick, who has worked with many thought leaders as he built and managed several consulting and professional development organizations, explained how executives can effectively promote their skills to a larger network.


A monthly ExecuNet survey of executive recruiters finds the highest levels of confidence that the executive employment market will improve over the next six months since May 2011.

In March, ExecuNet's benchmark Recruiter Confidence Index revealed that 59 percent of 123 responding executive recruiters indicated they were "confident" or "very confident" the executive employment market would improve over the next six months.


As part of ExecuNet membership, I conduct a weekly teleconference called Six-Figure Hotline where members call in to ask the questions keeping them up at night, and to gain market and trend insight from the career experts who join me in talking about issues that are important to executives today.

An ExecuNet member asked: "I founded a small, very successful consultancy and now want to apply my leadership skills and experience to the benefit of a larger organization as a member of the executive team. Do you recommend that I sign on with an executive recruiter, or should I go it alone? Would I have a better chance of landing interviews at the right (high) levels in the target organization if I am represented by a recruiter?"


Published on: Thursday, March 29, 2012

In Through the Out Door

Talking about severance terms when negotiating a new employment offer can be as awkward as discussing a pre-nup at the engagement party, but when the expiration date arises — on either a job or relationship — it's important those conversations were initiated in advance.

ExecuNet members in the General Management Roundtable shared how they broached the topic with their employers and successfully managed positive exit strategies — even after they've been on the job a while:


What World Renowned Business Leaders Have to Say

Many of the world's top business leaders, from a variety of industries, gathered in New York City to share their views on business and the challenges today's leaders will face in the coming years. Attendees learned how visionaries from a wide range of management disciplines define the process and commitments required to realize the potential for raising organizational performance in a time of lingering economic uncertainty and a changing global economy. These are can't miss insights for any business executive!

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