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Published on: Thursday, August 21, 2014

What I learned About Failure on My Summer Vacation

Posted By: Denise Brosseau
Filed Under: business leadership, learning from mistakes, denise brosseau, vasa museum
When I was young, we lived near a wonderful library where every summer we could participate in a reading club — earning stars and ribbons for reading and completing oral book reports on what we learned from a wide variety of books set aside on a special shelf. The books were varied and the librarians were invariably friendly and the library was a welcome air-conditioned destination on a hot summer afternoon.


After speaking about the many advances we have seen in the last 25 years, Vivek Wadhwa, recognized by Time Magazine in 2013 as a top 40 most influential mind in technology, China and India could be in trouble in terms of low paying human labor jobs. The reason he said is US manufacturing. Wadhwa said, "The US is seeing a manufacturing revival. It's creeping back now and will be a flood in five to seven years." The key is robotic manufacturing. We have gotten very good at creating robots to do the work of humans. They don't complain, don't join unions and cost about half as much to operate as human laborers, even when exporting the labor.


Published on: Friday, August 15, 2014

Are You in the Right Room? An Important Key to Networking Success

Posted By: Judy Robinett
Filed Under: networking, judy robinett
I've been doing a lot more speeches this year, and occasionally I've woken up from what I consider a version of the "speaker's nightmare." Not the "standing in front of the audience in your underwear" or the "go out to speak and realize you've forgotten your notes and have no idea what you're supposed to say" dream. In this version, I walk out with confidence, turn to the audience — and realize I'm in the wrong room.


As part of ExecuNet membership, I conduct a bi-weekly teleconference called Six-Figure Hotline where members call in to ask the questions keeping them up at night, and to gain market and trend insight from the career experts who join me in talking about issues that are important to executives today.

In one such teleconference, I was joined by Ken Cole, an executive search consultant, and a member asked us, "Every job I to apply to I see more than 100 applicants; how does one get to the front of the line to be noticed?"


New York City's South Bronx is traditionally associated with poverty and crime. But Bronx school teacher Stephen Ritz, as leader of the Green Bronx Machine, is driving a movement that is changing people's perceptions and more importantly transforming children's lives. Ritz believes transformation can occur though challenging assumptions and choosing to think differently.


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