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Published on: Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Follow the Leader: Bill George (2 of 2)


In an exclusive interview with ExecuNet, former Medtronic Chairman and CEO Bill George shares his perspectives on the intersection between authentic leadership, which he has championed, and Servant Leadership.

Recalling how the Servant Leadership model was created by AT&T executive Robert Greenleaf, George reminds today's business leaders that in order to get the most of themselves, they must first commit to serve others.

That starts, the Harvard management professor adds, with putting the needs of customers ahead of all others — including shareholders. Putting the customer experience at the center of your true north goal setting, George says, is not only the smart thing to do in the short-term and over the long haul, but also the right thing to do for the enterprise.

See part 1 of the Bill George interview.

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Joseph Daniel McCool's avatarJoseph Daniel McCool
Joseph Daniel McCool is senior contributing editor with ExecuNet and principal of management recruiting/succession advisory firm The McCool Group. He is also the author of Deciding Who Leads: How Executive Recruiters Drive, Direct & Disrupt the Global Search for Leadership Talent, recognized widely as "one of the best business books of 2008," and its Brazilian Portuguese translation, Escolhendo Líderes, published in June 2010.

Posted by john
02/24 @ 04:57 PM
I agree with Bill George. Customers are the life supply of all business. It is therefore sensible to give priority to their satisfaction.
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