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Published on: Tuesday, May 29, 2012

How Recruiters Will Find You


Put down the mouse and get out of your house. Or, at least spend more time meeting people than you do responding to online job postings. Recruiters revealed in ExecuNet's 20th annual Executive Job Market Intelligence Report which activities yield the highest ROI for candidate sourcing, and various forms of networking came out on top.

When we asked executive recruiters to break "networking" down, here's how they ranked where they were spending the most time finding top executive talent:
  1. Referrals: Ensure you are connected to others who are aware of your strengths.

  2. Networking online: Be visible in the right places and helpful to others.

  3. Personal candidate prospect file: Establish a relationship by becoming a source to recruiters before you need something from them.

  4. Social networking sites: Complete profiles with keywords, and make sure the unique value you bring to an organization is established.

  5. Networking face-to-face: Sometimes there is no substitute for a friendly face, a good handshake or shared cup of coffee.

Let us know what networking activities have been effective for you!

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Robyn Greenspan's avatarRobyn Greenspan
Robyn Greenspan is ExecuNet's Chief Content Officer, where she is responsible for setting and driving the editorial content engagement strategy across the private business network's publications and expert-led programming. She is also a Huffington Post blogger. You can follow her on Twitter @RobynGreenspan

Posted by Charles Driggers
06/03 @ 03:51 PM
I really appreciate this reminder to begin narrowing my efforts to "face-to-face" networking. I am interested in doing public good in the City of Detroit; therefore, I have now scheduled to spend a week networking in the Detroit area. I plan to be in Detroit 6/17 - 6/22, inclusive. I wil begin contacting several leaders tomorrow via email with a telephone followup. This is exciting!!!

Posted by Vikash Uniyal
06/02 @ 10:04 AM
Shortcuts is one thing that all will suggest for success and that will ceratinly result in what you are i.e. still looking forward to settling down and hunting for a suitable job. What is most important for any individual is not networking or attractive resume with all jargon (keywords, rather its essential to have faith in own ability, passion and self confidence. Let me assure you that these will propel you to the desired destination.

Networking (all types) - is all about give and take. If you are in a position to give you will attract an extensive network. A take kind of individual will always be struggling to get networked. Facebook can't get you jobs but will certainly network you to thousands of whom almost all are just lounging in the domain but seldom will be serious.
Resume brimming with Keywords- All your capabilities get exposed during a structured interview. Fake inputs will spell disater and will make your style more defensive than confident.

Faith in self, confidence and Passion- can do wonders. this will come only once you are in a familiar territory which is that in which you are experienced or that in which you have prepared yourself well. So follow this route - prepare, research, focus on any field you think that's good for you. And once you are through after a sincere/ passionate trial, all will automatically shape up.
Posted by KATRINA cristofoli
06/01 @ 08:50 PM
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Posted by Jerry May
06/01 @ 04:34 PM
I am an enthusiastic driven indivdual with 20+ years management experience looking for a position in an organization that will allow me to use my talents and skills. I have diversity and can handle any challenge or task that comes my way. All seek is the opportunity to prove my abilities.
Posted by Dr. Satish Asotra
06/01 @ 04:19 PM
I am Chief Scientific Office for a Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Products Development company. Looking for a more challendging role in a larger corporation.
Posted by Karen Schultz
06/01 @ 12:57 PM
I diversify and develop business relationships for WALCO Tool & Engineering. I network and make connections for our company and othes. I enjoy providing resources that support successful outcomes whether it is connecting individuals for jobs, interests or building great business. I believe in honest open dialogs that support the best of the best!

If you are looking for someone in particular, I have great access to engineers and purchasing individuals, as well as trainers and organizational developers.

I enjoy the fact that my job connects people strengths to create great business.
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