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Over the summer, we met with some of the thought leaders in the ExecuNet community and asked them for their viewpoints on the challenges leaders face now and in the coming years. They shared their thoughts on tough choices that still influence them, the future of work and the toughest challenges leaders need to overcome to lead into the future.

In this, the final installment of the summer's interviews, we asked them to share lessons they've learned that leaders need to know as they face the challenges of leading in this ever-changing world.


Hunter Lovins, author of the international bestseller Natural Capitalism and a business leader dedicated to understanding and communicating the transformative power of sustainable business, argued that embracing efficiency, renewables, carbon markets, and new technologies is the smartest decision any organization can make — leading to disruptive new products and business models that generate increased profits and economic growth.

Lovins said that unsustainable business practices contributed to the economic collapse, which will not be resolvable until the fundamental issues are addressed. She said, "This is not about polar bears. It's about your profitability. This is the sweet spot of innovation combined with sustainability. We are beyond what the edge of what the planet can tolerate."


Published on: Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Trish Gorman: Are You a Disruptor?

Posted By: William Flamme
Filed Under: innovation, william flamme, william flammé, trish gorman, disruption
What type of disruptor are you? "Disruptors come in all different shapes and sizes but in every case, disruptors are involved in every change in products, services, processes and business models," according to Trish Gorman, an accomplished strategist who specializes in identifying high potential growth options and a professor at some of the world's leading business schools.

A disruptor is one whose influence or action substantially and irrevocably changes the way businesses function. Displaying remarkable persistence, they continue despite perceived setbacks. Some are experts in the field and some come from a completely different background – something which can be a huge plus because they are free of preconceived limitations.


Published on: Monday, September 29, 2014

Six-Figure Hotline: Working With Private Equity

Posted By: Dave Opton
Filed Under: dave opton, six-figure hotline, tony palmer, private equity
As part of ExecuNet membership, I conduct a bi-weekly teleconference called Six-Figure Hotline where members call in to ask the questions keeping them up at night, and to gain market and trend insight from the career experts who join me in talking about issues that are important to executives today.

In one such teleconference, I was joined by Tony Palmer, a recruiter with Stanton Chase International, and a member asked us, "What special advice do you have with working with private equity, both investors and/or their recruiters?"


One industry that has been subjected to disruptive forces in recent years is the healthcare industry. Mark T. Bertolini, Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and President of Aetna, is challenging assumptions around healthcare and positioning the company for future success.

"We're a 163-year-old company. We know how to do everything we've been doing really, really well. Our stock price is at a record high. Our earning revenue and membership revenue are at record highs, and it's now time to destroy our business model," said Bertolini.


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Finding new ways to do business is always a challenge, but for success in an ever-changing world, business leaders today must be willing to try new things and remain extremely flexible. Read what some of the world's greatest innovators had to say in this ExecuNet exclusive.

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