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Our mission is to keep you posted about the trends in the executive employment market.

As we come around the turn of the middle of the year, we are seeing a much more positive tone to the executive employment market, if not real growth.


Published on: Wednesday, July 30, 2014

How to Start a Conversation You’re Dreading

Posted By: Peter Bregman
Filed Under: peter bregman, business communication, difficult conversations
I anticipated that the conversation would be difficult.

Shari* and I had worked together for many years, and I knew she was expecting me to hire her to run a leadership program for one of my clients, Ganta, a high-tech company. But I didn't think Shari was the right fit for Ganta or, frankly, for the role of running the leadership training. In fact, I had become increasingly critical of her recent performance, though I hadn't mentioned anything to her about it yet.

That was my first mistake. I should have said something before it got to this point.


Published on: Monday, July 28, 2014

What you Need to Know About the Future of Work

The way work gets done seems to have changed at light speed over the last 20 years. There was a time when the fax was revolutionary and no one worked from home. Now, we can get through an entire productive day without touching a single sheet of paper, a pen or a phone. We can even be at work without seeing another person! Because of the huge technological advances of recent years, the very nature of work has changed dramatically. With that change has come some significantly different required skill sets for business leaders.


Published on: Thursday, July 24, 2014

Six-Figure Hotline: Changing Industries

As part of ExecuNet membership, I conduct a bi-weekly teleconference called Six-Figure Hotline where members call in to ask the questions keeping them up at night, and to gain market and trend insight from the career experts who join me in talking about issues that are important to executives today.

In one such teleconference, I was joined by Ken Cole, an executive search consultant, and a member asked us, "What's an effective way to change industries in today's job market? I find that recruiters are recommending me to search committees, but they opt to consider only those with industry experience. I am surprised that there isn't more cross-pollination between industries."


Published on: Monday, July 21, 2014

How Do You Tackle the Tough Decisions?

We've all made difficult choices in our lives, personally and professionally. We wouldn't have gotten to where we are without successfully navigating some tight spots, but that doesn't mean we can't pick up some pointers from others in the ExecuNet community.

Recently, we caught up with some pretty impressive people and asked them: "From any time in your life, what tough choices have you made that now guide or influence how you make new tough decisions?"

Their answers were as varied as they are themselves.


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What World Renowned Business Leaders Have to Say

Many of the world's top business leaders, from a variety of industries, gathered in New York City to share their views on business and the challenges today's leaders will face in the coming years. Attendees learned how visionaries from a wide range of management disciplines define the process and commitments required to realize the potential for raising organizational performance in a time of lingering economic uncertainty and a changing global economy. These are can't miss insights for any business executive!

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