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Published on: Thursday, September 27, 2012

Follow the Leader: Ray Kurzweil (1 of 2)

Recognized as one of the world's leading futurists, Ray Kurzweil shares his view that the democratization of information is having a profound impact on business, on lives and societies and how they interact and provide value for each other.


A lack of privacy.

Mitt Romney's "47%" video, Kate Middleton's topless sunbathing photos [safe for work] and Paris Hilton's recent conversation in a cab were private moments that were secretly captured and made public.


Just as we've done for the past several years, ExecuNet will be back on-site at World Business Forum, live reporting the sharp leadership insight on-stage and backstage for our members. For two days in early October, iconic business and world leaders share their best — and next — practices that help inspire individuals and drive high-performing teams.


ExecuNet's exclusive Executive Job Creation Index ticked down five points in August to plus five. This is the lowest it has been since last October. This drop reflects the fact that recruiters report only 13 percent of companies will be adding jobs over the next six months, versus 20 percent in our July survey.


Published on: Monday, September 17, 2012

Three Things You Can Do to Help Others Find You the Right Job

Posted By: Robyn Greenspan
Filed Under: robyn greenspan, executive job search, networking, resume, connections
Looking for a new job? Help someone to help you.

I think we've all been on the receiving end of emails or phone calls from friends, former business colleagues, acquaintances or network connections that are positioned similarly: "I just lost my job. Do you know anyone who might be hiring?"

Or, maybe you've sent some of those messages yourself, and felt satisified that you've deputized an army of job search scouts on your behalf.

Do you really expect to get great results that way?


Finding new ways to do business is always a challenge, but for success in an ever-changing world, business leaders today must be willing to try new things and remain extremely flexible. Read what some of the world's greatest innovators had to say in this ExecuNet exclusive.

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