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Published on: Wednesday, June 18, 2014

When Your Past Success Becomes an Obstacle

Posted By: Carol Kinsey Goman
Filed Under: leadership, carol kinsey goman, business change
There are two kinds of change — incremental and discontinuous — that are taking place simultaneously and constantly in today's business organizations. Incremental change is the process of continuous improvement — what the Japanese refer to as "kaizen." Discontinuous change is the kind of large-scale transformation that turns organizations inside out and upside down.


Published on: Monday, June 16, 2014

Getting it Right the First Time: The Art of Communicating Expectations

Posted By: Laura Stack
Filed Under: communication, productivity, laura stack
In general, people like to talk more than they like to listen. This causes enough problems in the normal course of human affairs, but in the workplace, poor communication can result in a loss of time and money.


As part of ExecuNet membership, I conduct a bi-weekly teleconference called Six-Figure Hotline where members call in to ask the questions keeping them up at night, and to gain market and trend insight from the career experts who join me in talking about issues that are important to executives today.

In one such teleconference, I was joined by Patricia Romboletti, an ExecuNet networking meeting facilitator and executive career search expert, and a member asked us, "When working with a recruiter, when is it okay to contact the company directly? I've had situations where I have gone to an in-person interview and then not heard back right away. I have used the recruiter for follow-up, but should I go directly to the company for additional follow-up or not?"


Published on: Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Why it’s Important to Frame What You Do For a 7-Year-Old

Posted By: Mark Anderson
Filed Under: mark anderson, job search, networking, doug richardson
I spoke with a member a few days ago who was not seeing the results he wanted from networking. He was contacting lots of people without results and wondered how he could improve his efforts and get greater attention.

When I asked him what he did and wanted to do, he gave me much more than I bargained for. It was a long statement about his experiences, and he left me to conclude what he did and what he could do for someone else. I wanted to help... but I had trouble figuring out how I could help him.


Published on: Tuesday, June 10, 2014

5 Ways to Build Self-Confidence

Posted By: Carol Kinsey Goman
Filed Under: interviews, career coaching, carol kinsey goman, self-confidence, change-adept, optimists
I've been studying confidence (especially as it relates to the ability to deal optimally with change) for the past twenty-five years. Confidence is the personality trait most responsible for an individual's ability to deal well with organizational transitions. Confident people are self-motivated, have high self-esteem, and are willing to take calculated risks.

Here are five ways to build your self-confidence:


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