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Published on: Monday, January 28, 2013

How I Got Here: Don Tapscott’s Career Journey

In a conversation with ExecuNet's Chief Marketing Officer, Anthony Vlahos, and ExecuNet members, author, speaker and business strategist Don Tapscott discussed his career journey and business philosophies. Here is an excerpt from that teleconference.

In my life, if there's one theme that's been problematic and a challenge for me, it is that I've been doing research and coming up with ideas that the world was really not able to absorb or was not ready for. In the late 70s, we said computers are going to be tools for communication; it's not just data processing. Everyone will use computers. For years, people said I was wrong. The reason is bizarre. The reason they said I was wrong is managers and professionals will never learn to type. It came down to the question of typing efficiency, so I became a typing evangelist. "Typing is fun." That was challenging.


Whether it's by choice or necessity, you may find yourself facing an industry transition. However, for the 93 percent of executives we surveyed last year who reported they were considering or may consider an industry change, it's easier said than done.


Published on: Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Why a Good Sense of Humor Can Sustain Leaders in Challenging Times

Posted By: Joseph Daniel McCool
Filed Under: leadership, joseph daniel mccool, humor, travel, disappointment, career direction
The US economy has been in a bad mood for too long, but you needn't let any lingering uncertainty get you down. Actually, in times like these, stepping away from the day-to-day firefighting and routine meeting schedule can give business leaders time not only to re-charge their batteries, but also the kind of perspective that gets us asking the big-picture questions, like:

  1. Am I in the right role? Am I in the right organization? And am I heading in the right career direction?
  2. Is all this travel and time away from family and friends really worth it?
  3. Am I doing what I love or can I find something I'm passionate about, through work or in my personal life?


Published on: Monday, January 21, 2013

Perks Matter

I have no clue how many surveys have been run in the just the past five to 10 years on the subject of what happens as the employment market turns from one favoring the buyers vs. one where the sellers have the leverage. While we are not there yet, "barring injury" as they say, overall we seem slowly to be headed in that direction. I know that could change by dinnertime, but I still prefer to think of it in positive terms.

As this happens, organizations might want to dust off some of those surveys and remind themselves that after bucks and benefits, what matters, especially to the GenXers (and indeed) lots of Boomers as well.


Published on: Friday, January 18, 2013

Rising to the Occasion

Posted By: Joseph Daniel McCool
Filed Under: leadership, joseph daniel mccool, risk, challenge, consequences
There comes a time for every business leader — if not just once, perhaps several times over the course of a career — when the future of their organization and its people hinges on the decisions he or she is about to make. The business as they've known it will never be the same. And the individual executive may also be forever changed.

It's easy to see how the call for leadership manifests itself in times of war or conflict. Bravery on the battlefield is as much about courage and intestinal fortitude as it is the combination of serious challenges and equally serious men and women committed to their cause and willing to risk it all to achieve what they believe is right.

Maybe that's why some business leaders like to look to history for insight on how to be a better leader. How to lead their charges more effectively. And how to be courageous when all seems lost.


Finding new ways to do business is always a challenge, but for success in an ever-changing world, business leaders today must be willing to try new things and remain extremely flexible. Read what some of the world's greatest innovators had to say in this ExecuNet exclusive.

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