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Strategy and execution: are they still two very distinct functions within an organization? That's a recent discussion point in ExecuNet's Consulting Roundtable where senior-level executives exchange business ideas, solve daily challenges and engage peer feedback.

While the strategy and execution teams may be linked, given the challenges of the business environment and the need to close potential performance gaps, the member consensus was that they are very different functions. However, one member pointed out that "where one is on the organization chart has a bearing on which activity one is involved in and one may be involved in both activities."

Here's where other ExecuNet executives stood on the division of responsibility between strategy and execution:


Published on: Thursday, July 05, 2012

What it Really Takes to Innovate

Posted By: Joseph Daniel McCool
Filed Under: leadership, joseph daniel mccool, innovation, ideas, resources, achieve business goals
There are lots of things that are easy to talk about but far harder to actually put into action. Innovation is one such topic.

Creating something new — a product, service, idea, consumer experience or technological advance — requires a lot of resources, both human and capital in nature. Because innovators typically start with a "something big and bold" motivation, it often requires significant investment and a lot of patience to turn a concept into a profit.


Published on: Monday, July 02, 2012

Buttoning Up on Service

I adore buttons. I like their smallness and their mystery. I like how they do so much for so little.

Once Upon a Time, a pearl-white button on a shirt decided he wanted to see the world, so he pulled and stretched, until ping! He was free. This made the shirt unhappy, prompting an email to the shirt maker:


Published on: Thursday, June 28, 2012

What Haven’t You Done Yet?

Posted By: Robyn Greenspan
Filed Under: robyn greenspan, strategy, ceo, risk, goals, passion, dream job
There are so many reasons you are where you are right now. And maybe only one big reason why you're not where you want to be — fear.

Fear is the gatekeeper of risk, where everyone has a different tolerance level shaped by family, finances, circumstances, whatever. Risk that is consistently held at bay becomes absorbed into your comfort zone until so much time passes the dream finally fades in importance.

What would make you go for it?


Published on: Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Inflated Résumé Folly

How would you like to have your career and reputation suddenly fall down around you one day?

That's the potential that awaits business executives found to have fudged or inflated their résumés. It's simply a poor decision, no matter the temptation given a competitive job market or the feelings of inadequacy that translate into an ill-conceived attempts to appear a more attractive candidate.

There have been, over the years, many cases in which executives' claims about their educational background or other achievements have been found to be fraudulent or, from the eyes of the unrepentant, "not quite perfectly accurate." And there will be more to come, as unscrupulous individuals look for an edge to get ahead in business.


What World Renowned Business Leaders Have to Say

Many of the world's top business leaders, from a variety of industries, gathered in New York City to share their views on business and the challenges today's leaders will face in the coming years. Attendees learned how visionaries from a wide range of management disciplines define the process and commitments required to realize the potential for raising organizational performance in a time of lingering economic uncertainty and a changing global economy. These are can't miss insights for any business executive!

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