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Our mission is to keep you posted about the trends in the executive employment market.

As we come around the turn of the middle of the year, we are seeing a much more positive tone to the executive employment market, if not real growth.


The tone of the executive hiring market turned less optimistic in August. After hovering for five months in the mid-40s, our Recruiter Confidence Index dropped to 39 percent. Importantly, the number of recruiters not confident that executive hiring would increase over the next 12 months climbed to 18 percent, the highest it has been since the end of last year.


The "tea leaves" for the next six months continue to point neither to an expansion of the executive job market, or to a further slowdown.

Our exclusive Recruiter Confidence Index continues to show that about 45 percent of recruiters think the executive job market is going to improve in the next six months. This has been constant for the last three months. Importantly, 43 percent are in the "middle" and only "somewhat confident" it will improve, and 12 percent are not confident at all that it is going to improve — clearly in industry sectors that are not showing signs of growth. The May US Job Market Report just came in and points to job creation at about 175,000 jobs per month — no breakthroughs seen there either.


Published on: Thursday, March 21, 2013

Having a “Knocked Down” Moment?

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If you stayed up late enough to watch the Oscars a few weeks ago, you might have heard Ben Affleck remark as he accepted the Best Picture award for Argo: "And it doesn't matter how you get knocked down in life because that's going to happen. All that matters is you gotta get up."

A business crisis, lay-off or bad movie called Gigli are all recoverable events, despite the depth of devastation you might feel at the time. The pain and damage are real, but it's often not permanent.


Published on: Wednesday, December 05, 2012

It’s Time To Grow… With Optimism

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Business leaders have been stymied, frustrated and held back by the indecision and uncertainty that has clouded the US economy for more than four years. It is for this reason some economists, authors and other notables have described the global business condition with the term "VUCA" – representing volatility, uncertainty, change and ambiguity.

Yet, now with the results of the November election known, and likely more of the same gridlock on Washington's docket, it's time for business leaders to get on with the business of rebuilding their companies. It's time to take our collective fingers off the "Pause" button and strive for the kind of growth we used to know.

But that's going to require significant measures of personal and enterprise resolve, re-investment, confidence and a commitment to pursue business expansion even if the politicians in Washington can't find room to compromise and get the nation more firmly on the path of economic renewal and financial sustainability.


ExecuNet's exclusive Recruiter Confidence Index continued at low levels in September and remained below 40 percent. It says that while there are pockets of opportunity, recruiters are not seeing a broad-based improvement in the overall executive employment market for the next six months.


In the last 12 months, recruiter confidence rose from 28 percent last September to peak in March 2012 at 58 percent. It has now retrenched to 39 percent in June. Being below 50 percent indicates recruiters are not very confident that the overall executive job market will expand over the next six months — just like the middle of last year.


A monthly ExecuNet survey of executive recruiters finds that fewer executive recruiters are confident that employers will invest in recruiting senior management talent for key corporate roles in the next six months.


For more than a year now, executive search firms have taken a very cautious approach to rebuilding their own consulting and research staffs in the wake of a global recession that forced some of them to close offices and many of them to downsize their teams.


A monthly ExecuNet survey of executive recruiters finds most are confident the executive employment market will improve over the next six months, despite some slippage in that hiring indicator last month and a flurry of headlines about the sluggishness of the broader jobs market.


Finding new ways to do business is always a challenge, but for success in an ever-changing world, business leaders today must be willing to try new things and remain extremely flexible. Read what some of the world's greatest innovators had to say in this ExecuNet exclusive.

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